AT8501 Automotive Transmission Syllabus:

AT8501 Automotive Transmission Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Clutch And Gear Box

Requirement of transmission system, Different types of clutches, principle & Construction of Single plate coil spring and Diaphragm spring clutches., Need and Objectives of Gear box. Construction and operation of Sliding mesh, Constant mesh and Synchromesh gearboxes. – Determination of gear ratios for vehicles. Performance characteristics in different speeds. Problems on performance of automobile such as Resistance to motion, Tractive effort, Engine speed & Power and acceleration.

UNIT II Hydrodynamic Transmission

Fluid coupling-Principle-Constructional details. Torque capacity. Performance characteristics. Reduction of drag torque in fluid coupling. Torque converter-Principle-constructional details, performance characteristics. Multistage torque converters and Polyphase torque converters.

UNIT III Epicyclic Gearboxes Used In Automatic Transmission

Principle of Planetary gear trains – Wilson Gear box, Cotal electromagnetic transmissionHydraulic control system for Automatic Transmission.

UNIT IV Automatic Transmission Applications

Need for automatic transmission, Four speed longitudinally mounted automatic transmission – Chevrolet “Turboglide” Transmission, Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) – Types – Operations of a typical CVT.

UNIT V Hydrostatic And Electric Drive

Hydrostatic drive; Various types of hydrostatic systems – Principles of Hydrostatic drive system. Advantages and limitations. Comparison of hydrostatic drive with hydrodynamic drive, construction and working of typical Janny hydrostatic drive. Electric drive-types- Principle of early and modified Ward Leonard Control system-Advantages & limitations.