OAE751 Fundamentals of Combustion Syllabus:

OAE751 Fundamentals of Combustion Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017


To make the student understand the fundamentals of combustion and to teach them combustion in different regions like basic flame to gas turbine engines to rocket engines and finally how it is done in supersonic speeds.

Unit I Introduction To Combustion

Thermo-chemical equations –Heat of formation –Activation energy -Multi-step reactions – Heat of reaction -first order, second order and third order reactions – Calculation of adiabatic flame temperature

Unit II Basics Of Chemical Kinetics And Flames

Premixed flames –Diffusion flames –measurement of burning velocity – various methods –Effect of various parameters on burning velocity – flame stability –Deflagration – Detonation – Rankine- Hugoniot curve –Radiation by flames.

Unit III Combustion In Gas Turbine Engines

Combustion in gas turbine combustion chambers -Recirculation – combustion efficiency, Factors affecting combustion efficiency-Fuels used for gas turbine combustion chambers – combustion stability –Flame holder types.

Unit IV Combustion In Rockets

Solid propellant grain types – types of solid propellant burning in rocket combustion chambers – basic mechanism of composite propellant combustion – solid propellant burn rate laws – criterion for stable combustion – combustion in liquid rocket engines – single fuel droplet combustion model – combustion in hybrid rockets.

Unit V Supersonic Combustion (Qualitative Treatment only)

Introduction – supersonic combustion controlled by diffusion, mixing and heat convection – Analysis of reactions and mixing processes – supersonic burning with detonation shocks .


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