Void: A data type in C++. When used as a parameter in a function call, it indicates there is no return value. void+ indicates that a generic pointer value is returned. When used in casts, it indicates that a given value is to be discarded.

Virtual Function

Virtual Function: A function qualified by the virtual keyword. When a virtual function is called via a pointer, the class of the object pointed to determines which function definition will be used. Virtual functions implement polymorphism, whereby objects belonging to different classes can respond to the same message in different ways.

Virtual Base Class

Virtual Base Class: A base class that has been qualified as virtual in the inheritance definition. In multiple inheritance, a derived class can inherit the members of a base class via two or more inheritance paths. If the base class is not virtual, the derived class will inherit more than one copy of the members … Read more


Variable: A name that refers to a value. The data represented by the variable name can, at different times during the execution of a program, assume different values.

Temporary Variable

Temporary Variable: A variable whose storage is allocated from the stack. The variable is initialized each time the block in which it is defined is entered. It exists only during the execution of that block.