OPR551 Basics of Engineering Metallurgy Syllabus:

OPR551 Basics of Engineering Metallurgy Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Constitution Of Alloys

Crystal structure – BCC, FCC and HCP structure – unit cell – crystallographic planes and directions, miller indices – crystal imperfection, point, line, planner and volume defects – Grain size, ASTM grain size number. Constitution of alloys – Solid solutions, substitutional and interstitial Solid Solutions.

UNIT II Phase Diagrams

Phase diagrams, isomorphous, eutectic, peritectic, eutectoid and peritectoid reactions, Iron – Iron carbide and Iron – Carbide & Iron Graphite equilibrium diagram. Classification of steel and cast iron – microstructures of Steels & Cast irons – properties and application.

UNIT III Heat Treatment

Defintion – Full annealing, stress relief, recrystallisation and spheroidizing – normalizing, hardening and tempering of steel, Isothermal transformation diagrams – cooling curves superimposed on I.T. diagram CCR – Hardenability, Jominy end quench test – Austempering martempering – case hardening, carburizing, nitriding cyaniding, carbonitriding – Flame, Induction Laser and Electron beam and plasma phase hardening – Special and Duplex surface hardening processes.

UNIT IV Ferrous And Non-Ferrous Metals

Effect of alloying additions on steel (Mn, Si, Cr, Mo, V Ti & W) – stainless and tool steels – HSLA – maraging steels – Gray, white, malleable spheroidal, graphite, alloy cast irons, Aluminium and Copper Alloys, AI-Cu – precipitation strengthening treatment. Shape memory alloys.

UNIT V Mechanical Properties And Testing

Mechanism of plastic deformation, slip and twinning – Types of fracture – Testing of materials under tension, compression and shear loads – hardness tests (Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell) micro and nano hardness test impact test, Izod and charpy, fatigue and creep mechanisms.