AT8006 Off Road Vehicles Syllabus:

AT8006 Off Road Vehicles Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017


• At the end of the course, the students will be able to understand the various Off-road vehicle and their systems and features

Unit I Classification And Requirements Of Off-Road Vehicles

Construction layout, capacity and applications of off-road vehicle – prime mover, chassis and transmission, Multiaxle vehicles.

Unit II Earth Moving Constructional Machines

dumpers – safety features, safe warning system for dumper, Design aspects on dumper body, Articulated Dumpers, loaders – single bucket, Multi bucket and rotary types – bulldozers, kinematics for loader and bulldozers with operational linkages, excavators, backhoe loaders, scrappers, motor graders, power shawl, bush cutters, Bush cutters, stumpers, rippers.

Unit III Industrial Applications

Constructional and working details of Jib crane, concrete ready mixers, compactors – vibratory compactors, forklift, utility vehicles, man – lift, scissors, lift trucks, material handlers, power generators.

Unit IV Farm Equipment’s, Military And Combat Vehicles

Tractors, classification – working attachments, power take off, special implements, paddy harvester, sugarcane harvester, feller bunchers, special features and constructional details of military tankers, AVLB gun carriers and transport vehicles.

Unit V Vehicle Systems, Features

Brake system and actuation – OCDB and dry disc caliper brakes. Body hoist and bucket operational hydraulics. Hydro-pneumatic suspension cylinders. Power steering system. Articulated steering assembly – power and capacity of earth moving machines.


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