OIC551 Biomedical Instrumentation Syllabus:

OIC551 Biomedical Instrumentation Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Human Body Subsystem And Transducers

Brief description of muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems; their electrical, mechanical and chemical activities. Principles and classification of transducers for Bio-medical applications. Electrode theory, different types of electrodes; Selection criteria for transducers and electrodes.

UNIT II Non Electrical Parameters Measurement

Measurement of blood pressure – Cardiac output – Heart rate – Heart sound – Pulmonary function measurements – spirometer – Blood Gas analysers, pH of blood – Measurement of blood pCO2, pO2.

UNIT III Electrical Parameters Measurement And Electrical Safety

ECG – EEG – EMG – ERG – Lead systems and recording methods – Typical waveforms – Electrical safety in medical environment, shock hazards – leakage current – Instruments for checking safety parameters of biomedical equipments.

UNIT IV Imaging Modalities And Bio-Telemetry

Diagnostic X-rays – Computer tomography – MRI – Ultrasonography – Endoscopy – Thermography – Different types of biotelemetry systems.

UNIT V Life Assisting And Therapeutic Devices

Pacemakers – Defibrillators – Ventilators – Nerve and muscle stimulators – Heart Lung machine – Dialysers – Diathermy – Lithotripsy.