AT8502 Automotive Electrical and Electronics Systems Syllabus:

AT8502 Automotive Electrical and Electronics Systems Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Batteries And Starting System

Different types of Batteries – principle, rating, testing and charging. Starter motors characteristics, capacity requirements. Drive mechanisms. Starter switches.

UNIT II Charging System Lighting And Accessories

DC Generators and Alternators their characteristics. Control unit – cut out, electronic regulators. Vehicle interior lighting system. Vehicle exterior lighting system. Wiring requirements. Lighting design. Dashboard instruments. Horn, trafficator.

UNIT III Electronic Ignition And Injection System

Spark plugs. Advance mechanisms. Different types of ignition systems. Electronic fuel injection systems, mono and multi point fuel injection system (MPFI).

UNIT IV Sensors And Microprocessors In Automobiles

Basic sensor arrangements. Types of sensors – oxygen sensor, hot wire anaemometer sensor, vehicle speed sensor, detonation sensor, accelerometer sensor, crank position sensor. Microprocessor and microcomputer-controlled devices in automobiles such voice warning system, travel information system, keyless entry system, automatic transmission system, electronic steering system.

UNIT V Safety Systems

Antilock braking system, air bag restraint system, voice warning system, seat belt system, road navigation system, anti-theft system.