OIT552 Cloud Computing Syllabus:

OIT552 Cloud Computing Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Introduction To Cloud Computing

Introduction to Cloud Computing – Roots of Cloud Computing – Desired Features of Cloud Computing – Challenges and Risks – Benefits and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing.

UNIT II Virtualization

Introduction to Virtualization Technology – Load Balancing and Virtualization – Understanding Hypervisor – Seven Layers of Virtualization – Types of Virtualization – Server, Desktop,
Application Virtualization.

UNIT III Cloud Architecture, Services And Storage

NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture – Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds – laaS – PaaS – SaaS – Architectural Design Challenges – Cloud Storage.

UNIT IV Resource Management And Security In Cloud

Inter Cloud Resource Management – Resource Provisioning Methods – Security Overview – Cloud Security Challenges – Data Security –Application Security – Virtual Machine Security.

UNIT V Case Studies

Google App Engine (GAE) – GAE Architecture – Functional Modules of GAE – Amazon Web Services (AWS) – GAE Applications – Cloud Software Environments – Eucalyptus – Open Nebula – Open Stack.