ME8593 Design of Machine Elements Syllabus:

ME8593 Design of Machine Elements Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Steady Stresses And Variable Stresses In Machine Members

Introduction to the design process — factors influencing machine design, selection of materials based on mechanical properties — Preferred numbers, fits and tolerances — Direct, Bending and torsional stress equations — Impact and shock loading — calculation of principle stresses for various load combinations, eccentric loading — curved beams — crane hook and C frame- Factor of safety — theories of failure — Design based on strength and stiffness — stress concentration — Design for variable loading.

UNIT II Shafts And Couplings

Design of solid and hollow shafts based on strength, rigidity and critical speed — Keys, keyways and splines — Rigid and flexible couplings.

UNIT III Temporary And Permanent Joints

Threaded fastners — Bolted joints including eccentric loading, Knuckle joints, Cotter joints — Welded joints, riveted joints for structures — theory of bonded joints.

UNIT IV Energy Storing Elements And Engine Components

Various types of springs, optimization of helical springs — rubber springs — Flywheels considering stresses in rims and arms for engines and punching machines- Connecting Rods and crank shafts.

UNIT V Bearings

Sliding contact and rolling contact bearings — Hydrodynamic journal bearings, Sommerfeld Number, Raimondi and Boyd graphs, Selection of Rolling Contact bearings.