AT8401 Compression Ignition Engines Syllabus:

AT8401 Compression Ignition Engines Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Intake And Exhaust Manifolds

Intake system components, Air filter, Intake manifold, Turbochargers, Exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe, Exhaust mufflers and Resonators.

UNIT II Diesel Injection Systems

Direct and indirect injection systems, Inline injection pump, Rotary Pump and Injector– Construction and principle of operation, Electronic control, Common rail and unit injector systems – Construction and principle of operation.

UNIT III Combustion In C.I. Engines

Stages of combustion, vapourisation of fuel droplets and spray formation, air motion, swirl measurement, knock and engine variables, Features and design considerations of combustion chambers, delay period correlations, heat release correlations, Influence of the injection system on combustion.

UNIT IV Liquid And Gaseous Fuels For C.I. Engines

Requirements, Utilisation techniques – Blends, Neat fuels, Reformed fuels, Emulsions, Dual fuelling, Ignition accelerators and Additives, Performance and emission characteristics. Utilisation techniques of gaseous Fuels-Hydrogen, Biogas, Liquefied Petroleum gas, Compressed Natural gas in CI engines. Dual fuelling.

UNIT V Emissions Formation And Control Techniques

Carbon Monoxide, Unburnt Hydrocarbons, Oxides of Nitrogen, Particulate matter and smoke – sources. Emission control measures for CI engines. Effect of emissions on environment and human beings.