AT8001 Automotive Air Conditioning Syllabus:

AT8001 Automotive Air Conditioning Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017


At the end of the course, the students will be able to understand the components of the automotive air-conditioning and their functions and the latest developments in this field.

Unit I Automotive Air-conditioning Fundamentals

Purposes of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning- Environmental Concerns- Ozone layer depletion- Location of air conditioning components in a car – Schematic layout of a vehicle refrigeration system. Psychrometry – Basic terminology and Psychrometric mixtures Psychrometric Chart- Related problems

Unit II Automotive Cooling And Heating System

Vehicle Refrigeration System and related problems- Fixed thermostatic and Orifice tube system- Variable displacement thermostatic and Orifice tube system- Vehicle air conditioning operation Types of compressor- Compressor Clutches- Compressor Clutch electrical circuit Compressor lubrication- Condensers- Evaporators- Expansion devices- Evaporator temperature and pressure controls- receiver-drier- Accumulators- refrigerant hoses, Connections and other assemblies- Heating system

Unit III Air-Conditioning Controls, Delivery System And Refrigerants

Types of Control devices- Preventing Compressor damage- Preventing damage to other systems- Maintaining drivability- Preventing Overheating Ram air ventilation- Air delivery Components- Control devices- Vacuum Controls Containers – Handling refrigerants – Discharging, Charging & Leak detection – Refrigeration system diagnosis – Diagnostic procedure – Ambient conditions affecting system pressures.

Unit IV Automatic Temperature Control

Different types of sensors and actuators used in automatic temperature control- Fixed and variable displacement temperature control- Semi Automatic- Controller design for Fixed and variable displacement type air conditioning system

Unit V System Servicing And Testing

Special tools for servicing vehicle air conditioning – Diagnosing components and air conditioning systems- Diagnosing cooling system- Air delivery system- Automatic temperature Control system diagnosis and service


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