PR8072 New Product Development Syllabus:

PR8072 New Product Development Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017


• This course aims at introducing the students to the basic concepts of engineering design and product development with focus on the front-end processes.
• At the end of this course the student is expected to demonstrate an understanding of the overview of all the product development processes and knowledge of concept generation and selection tools.

Unit I Introduction

Need for developing products – the importance of engineering design – types of design –the design process – relevance of product lifecycle issues in design –designing to codes and standards- societal considerations in engineering design –generic product development process – various phases of product development-planning for products –establishing markets- market segments- relevance of market research

Unit II Customer Needs

Identifying customer needs –voice of customer –customer populations- hierarchy of human needs-need gathering methods – affinity diagrams – needs importance- establishing engineering characteristics-competitive benchmarking- quality function deployment- house of quality- product design specification-case studies

Unit III Creative Thinking

Creative thinking –creativity and problem solving- creative thinking methods- generating design concepts-systematic methods for designing –functional decomposition – physical decomposition –functional representation –morphological methods-TRIZ- axiomatic design

Unit IV Decision Making And Product Architecture

Decision making –decision theory –utility theory –decision trees –concept evaluation methods –Pugh concept selection method- weighted decision matrix –analytic hierarchy process – introduction to embodiment design –product architecture – types of modular architecture – steps in developing product architecture

Unit V Design And Cost Analysis

Industrial design – human factors design –user friendly design – design for serviceability – design for environment – prototyping and testing – cost evaluation –categories of cost – overhead costs – activity-based costing –methods of developing cost estimates – manufacturing cost –value analysis in costing


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