AE8402 Aircraft Systems and Instruments Syllabus:

AE8402 Aircraft Systems and Instruments Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Aircraft Systems

Hydraulic systems – Study of typical systems – components – Hydraulic systems controllers – Modes of operation – Pneumatic systems – Working principles – Typical Pneumatic Power system– Brake system – Components, Landing Gear Systems – Classification – Shock absorbers – Retractive mechanism.

UNIT II Airplane Control Systems

Conventional Systems – Power assisted and fully powered flight controls – Power actuated systems – Engine control systems – Push pull rod system – operating principles – Modern control systems – Digital fly by wire systems – Auto pilot system, Active Control Technology.

UNIT III Engine Systems

Piston and Jet Engines- Fuel systems – Components – Multi-engine fuel systems, lubricating systems – Starting and Ignition systems.

UNIT IV Air conditioning And Pressurizing System

Basic Air Cycle systems – Vapour Cycle Systems, Boot-strap air cycle system – Evaporative vapour cycle systems – Evaporation air cycle systems – Oxygen systems – Fire extinguishing system and smoke detection system, Deicing and anti-icing system.

UNIT V Aircraft Instruments

Flight Instruments and Navigation Instruments – Accelerometers, Air speed Indicators – Mach Meters – Altimeters – Gyroscopic Instruments– Principles and operation – Study of various types of engine instruments – Tachometers – Temperature and Pressure gauges.