AE8008 Vibration and Elements of Aeroelasticity Syllabus:

AE8008 Vibration and Elements of Aeroelasticity Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Single Degree Of Freedom Systems

Introduction to simple harmonic motion, D’Alembert’s principle, free vibrations – damped vibrations – forced vibrations, with and without damping – support excitation – transmissibility – vibration measuring instruments.

UNIT II Multi Degree Of Freedom Systems

Two degrees of freedom systems – static and dynamic couplings – vibration absorber- Multi degree of freedom systems – principal co-ordinates – principal modes and orthogonal conditions – Eigen value problems – Hamilton’s principle – Lagrangean equations and application.

UNIT III Continuous Systems

Vibration of elastic bodies – vibration of strings – longitudinal, lateral and torsional vibrations

UNIT IV Approximate Methods

Approximate methods – Rayleigh’s method – Dunkerley’s method – Rayleigh-Ritz method, matrix iteration method.

UNIT V Elements Of Aeroelasticity

Vibration due to coupling of bending and torsion – aeroelastic problems – Collars triangle – wing divergence – aileron control reversal – flutter – buffeting. – elements of servo elasticity