AE8602 Experimental Aerodynamics Syllabus:

AE8602 Experimental Aerodynamics Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Basic Measurements In Fluid Mechanics

Objective of experimental studies – Fluid mechanics measurements – Properties of fluids – Measuring instruments – Performance terms associated with measurement systems – Direct measurements – Analogue methods – Flow visualization – Components of measuring systems – Importance of model studies.

UNIT II Wind Tunnel Measurements

Characteristic features, operation and performance of low speed, transonic, supersonic and special tunnels – Power losses in a wind tunnel – Instrumentation and calibration of wind tunnels – Turbulence- Wind tunnel balance – Wire balance – Strut-type – Platform-type – Yoke-type – Pyramid type – Strain gauge balance – Balance calibration.

UNIT III Flow Visualization And Analogue Methods

Visualization techniques – Smoke tunnel – Hele-Shaw apparatus – Interferometer – Fringe-Displacement method – Schlieren system – Shadowgraph – Hydraulic analogy – Hydraulic jumps – Electrolytic tank.

UNIT IV Pressure, Velocity And Temperature measurements

Pitot – static tube characteristics – Velocity measurements – Hot-wire anemometry – Constant current and Constant temperature Hot-Wire anemometer – Pressure measurement techniques – Pressure transducers – Temperature measurements.

UNIT V Special Flows And Uncertainty Analysis

Experiments on Taylor-Proudman theorem and Ekman layer – Measurements in boundary layers – Data acquisition and processing – Signal conditioning – Uncertainty analysis – Estimation of measurement errors – External estimate of the error – Internal estimate of the error – Uncertainty calculation – Uses of uncertainty analysis