AE8009 Airframe Maintenance and Repair Syllabus:

AE8009 Airframe Maintenance and Repair Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Maintenance Of Aircraft Structural Components

Equipments used in welding shop and their maintenance – Ensuring quality welds – Welding jigs and fixtures – Soldering and brazing – laser welding. Sheet metal repair and maintenance: Selection of materials; Repair schemes; Fabrication of replacement patches; Tools – power/hand; Repair techniques; Peening – Close tolerance fasteners; Sealing compounds; forming/shaping; Calculation of weight of completed repair; Effect of weight – change on surrounding structure. Sheet metal inspection – N.D.T. Testing. Riveted repair design – Damage investigation – Reverse engineering.

UNIT II Plastics And Composites In Aircraft

Review of types of plastics used in airplanes – Maintenance and repair of plastic components – Repair of cracks and holes – various repairs schemes – Scopes. Cleaning of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) materials prior to repair; Break test – Repair Schemes; FRP/honeycomb sandwich materials; laminated FRP structural members and skin panels; Tools/equipment; Vacuum-bag process. Special precautions – Autoclaves

UNIT III Aircraft Jacking, Assembly And Rigging

Airplane jacking and weighing and C.G. Location. Balancing of control surfaces – Inspection maintenance. Helicopter flight controls. Tracking and balancing of main rotor.

UNIT IV Review Of Hydraulic And Pneumatic System

Trouble shooting and maintenance practices – Service and inspection – Inspection and maintenance of landing gear systems. – Inspection and maintenance of air-conditioning and pressurization system, water and waste system. Installation and maintenance of Instruments – handling – Testing – Inspection. Inspection and maintenance of auxiliary systems – Rain removal system – Position and warning system – Auxiliary Power Units (APUs).

UNIT V Safety Practices

Hazardous materials storage and handling, Aircraft furnishing practices – Equipments. Trouble shooting. Theory and practices.