OAI551 Environment and Agriculture Syllabus:

OAI551 Environment and Agriculture Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Environmental Concerns

Environmental basis for agriculture and food – Land use and landscape changes – Water quality issues – Changing social structure and economic focus – Globalization and its impacts – Agro ecosystems.

UNIT II Environmental Impacts

Irrigation development and watersheds – mechanized agriculture and soil cover impacts – Erosion and problems of deposition in irrigation systems – Agricultural drainage and downstream impacts – Agriculture versus urban impacts.

UNIT III Climate Change

Global warming and changing environment – Ecosystem changes – Changing blue-green-grey water cycles – Water scarcity and water shortages – Desertification.

UNIT IV Ecological Diversity And Agriculture

Ecological diversity, wild life and agriculture – GM crops and their impacts on the environment – Insets and agriculture – Pollination crisis – Ecological farming principles – Forest fragmentation and agriculture – Agricultural biotechnology concerns.

UNIT V Emerging Issues

Global environmental governance – alternate culture systems – Mega farms and vertical farms – Virtual water trade and its impacts on local environment – Agricultural environment policies and its impacts – Sustainable agriculture.