AE8401 Aerodynamics – I Syllabus:

AE8401 Aerodynamics – I Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Introduction To Low Speed Flow

Euler equation, incompressible bernoulli’s equation. circulation and vorticity, green’s lemma and stoke’s theorem, barotropic flow, kelvin’s theorem, streamline, stream function, irrotational flow, potential function, equipontential lines, elementary flows and their combinations.

UNIT II Two Dimensional Inviscid Incompressible Flow

Ideal Flow over a circular cylinder, D’Alembert’s paradox, magnus effect, Kutta joukowski’s theorem, starting vortex, kutta condition, real flow over smooth and rough cylinder.

UNIT III Airfoil Theory

Cauchy-riemann relations, complex potential, methodology of conformal transformation, kuttajoukowski transformation and its applications, thin airfoil theory and its applications.

UNIT IV Subsonic Wing Theory

Vortex filament, biot and savart law, bound vortex and trailing vortex, horse shoe vortex, lifting line theory and its limitations.

UNIT V Introduction To Boundary Layer Theory

Boundary layer and boundary layer thickness, displacement thickness, momentum thickness, energy thickness, shape parameter, boundary layer equations for a steady, two dimensional incompressible flow, boundary layer growth over a flat plate, critical reynolds number, blasius solution, basics of turbulent flow.