OAN551 Sensors and Transducers Syllabus:

OAN551 Sensors and Transducers Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Introduction

Basics of Measurement – Classification of errors – Error analysis – Static and dynamic characteristics of transducers – Performance measures of sensors – Classification of sensors – Sensor calibration techniques – Sensor Output Signal Types.

UNIT II Motion, Proximity And Ranging Sensors

Motion Sensors – Potentiometers, Resolver, Encoders – Optical, Magnetic, Inductive, Capacitive, LVDT – RVDT – Synchro – Microsyn, Accelerometer.,– GPS, Bluetooth, Range Sensors – RF beacons, Ultrasonic Ranging, Reflective beacons, Laser Range Sensor (LIDAR).

UNIT III Force, Magnetic And Heading Sensors

Strain Gage, Load Cell, Magnetic Sensors –types, principle, requirement and advantages: Magneto resistive – Hall Effect – Current sensor Heading Sensors – Compass, Gyroscope, Inclinometers.

UNIT IV Optical, Pressure And Temperature Sensors

Photo conductive cell, photo voltaic, Photo resistive, LDR – Fiber optic sensors – Pressure – Diaphragm, Bellows, Piezoelectric – Tactile sensors, Temperature – IC, Thermistor, RTD, Thermocouple. Acoustic Sensors – flow and level measurement, Radiation Sensors – Smart Sensors – Film sensor, MEMS & Nano Sensors, LASER sensors.

UNIT V Signal Conditioning And Daq Systems

Amplification – Filtering – Sample and Hold circuits – Data Acquisition: Single channel and multi channel data acquisition – Data logging – applications – Automobile, Aerospace, Home appliances, Manufacturing, Environmental monitoring.