AT8504 Automotive Fuels and Lubricants Syllabus:

AT8504 Automotive Fuels and Lubricants Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Manufacture Of Fuels And Lubricants

Structure of petroleum, refining process, fuels, thermal cracking, catalytic cracking, polymerization, alkylation, isomerisation, blending, products of refining process. Manufacture of lubricating oil base stocks, manufacture of finished automotive lubricants.

UNIT II Theory Of Lubrication

Engine friction: introduction, total engine friction, effect of engine variables on friction, hydrodynamic lubrication, elasto hydrodynamic lubrication, boundary lubrication, bearing lubrication, functions of the lubrication system, introduction to design of a lubricating system.

UNIT III Lubricants

Specific requirements for automotive lubricants, oxidation deterioration and degradation of lubricants, additives and additive mechanism, synthetic lubricants, classification of lubricating oils, properties of lubricating oils, tests on lubricants. Grease, classification, properties, test used in grease.

UNIT IV Properties And Testing Of Fuels

Thermo-chemistry of fuels, properties and testing of fuels, relative density, calorific value, flash point, fire point, distillation, vapour pressure, spontaneous ignition temperature, viscosity, pour point, flammability, ignitability, diesel index, API gravity, aniline point, carbon residue, copper strip corrosion etc.

UNIT V Combustion & Fuel Rating

SI Engines – flame propagation and mechanism of combustion, normal combustion, knocking, octane rating, fuel requirements. CI Engine, mechanism of combustion, diesel knock, cetane rating, fuel requirements. Additive – mechanism, requirements of an additive, petrol fuel additives and diesel fuel additives – specifications of fuels.