AE8013 Rockets and Missiles Syllabus:

AE8013 Rockets and Missiles Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Classification Of Rockets And Missiles

History of rockets and missiles, Various methods of classification of missiles and rockets – Basic aerodynamic characteristics of surface to surface, surface to air, air to surface and air to air missiles – Examples of various Indian space launch vehicles and missiles – Current status of Indian rocket and missile programme.

UNIT II Rocket Motion In Free Space And Gravitational Field

One Dimensional and Two Dimensional rocket Motions in Free Space and Homogeneous Gravitational Fields – description of Vertical, Inclined and Gravity Turn Trajectories – Determination of range and Altitude, Simple Approximations to Burnout Velocity and altitude- estimation of culmination time and altitude.

UNIT III Aerodynamics Of Rockets And Missiles

Airframe Components of Rockets and Missiles – Forces Acting on a Missile While Passing Through Atmosphere – Classification of Missiles – methods of Describing Aerodynamic Forces and Moments – Lateral Aerodynamic Moment – Lateral Damping Moment and Longitudinal Moment of a Rocket – lift and Drag Forces – Drag Estimation.

UNIT IV Staging And Control Of Rockets And Missiles

Multistaging of rockets and ballistic missiles – Multistage Vehicle Optimization – Stage Separation Dynamics – Stage Separation Techniques in atmosphere and in space, Introduction to aerodynamic and jet control methods – various types of aerodynamic control methods for tactical and short range missiles- aerodynamic characteristics – various types of rocket thrust vector control methods.

UNIT V Rocket Propulsion Systems And Materials For Rockets And Missiles

Ignition System in rockets – types of Igniters– Design Consideration of liquid Rocket Combustion Chamber, Injector Propellant Feed Lines, Valves, Propellant Tanks Outlet and propellant feed Systems – Propellant Slash and Propellant Hammer – Elimination of Geysering Effect in Missiles – Selection of Materials – Special Requirements of Materials to Perform under Adverse Conditions