AE8015 Industrial Aerodynamics Syllabus:

AE8015 Industrial Aerodynamics Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Atmosphere

Types of winds, Causes of variation of winds, Atmospheric boundary layer, Effect of terrain on gradient height, Structure of turbulent flows.

UNIT II Wind Energy Collectors

Horizontal axis and vertical axis machines, Power coefficient, Betz coefficient by momentumtheory.

UNIT III Vehicle Aerodynamics

Power requirements and drag coefficients of automobiles, Effects of cut back angle, Aerodynamics of trains and Hovercraft.

UNIT IV Building Aerodynamics

Pressure distribution on low rise buildings, wind forces on buildings. Environmental winds in city blocks, Special problems of tall buildings, Building codes, Building ventilation and architectural aerodynamics.

UNIT V Flow Induced Vibrations

Effects of Reynolds number on wake formation of bluff shapes, Vortex induced vibrations, Galloping and stall flutter.