CE8395 Strength of Materials for Mechanical Engineers Syllabus:

CE8395 Strength of Materials for Mechanical Engineers Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Stress, Strain And Deformation Of Solids

Rigid bodies and deformable solids — Tension, Compression and Shear Stresses — Deformation of simple and compound bars — Thermal stresses — Elastic constants — Volumetric strains –Stresses on inclined planes — principal stresses and principal planes — Mohr?s circle of stress.

UNIT II Transverse Loading On Beams And Stresses In Beam

Beams — types transverse loading on beams — Shear force and bending moment in beams — Cantilevers — Simply supported beams and over — hanging beams. Theory of simple bending– bending stress distribution — Load carrying capacity — Proportioning of sections — Flitched beams — Shear stress distribution.

UNIT III Torsion

Torsion formulation stresses and deformation in circular and hollows shafts — Stepped shafts– Deflection in shafts fixed at the both ends — Stresses in helical springs — Deflection of helical springs, carriage springs.

UNIT IV Deflection Of Beams

Double Integration method — Macaulay?s method — Area moment method for computation of slopes and deflections in beams — Conjugate beam and strain energy — Maxwell?s reciprocal theorems.

UNIT V Thin Cylinders, Spheres And Thick Cylinders

Stresses in thin cylindrical shell due to internal pressure circumferential and longitudinal stresses and deformation in thin and thick cylinders — spherical shells subjected to internal pressure –Deformation in spherical shells — Lame?s theorem.