HS8151 Communicative English Syllabus:

HS8151 Communicative English Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Sharing Information Related to Oneself /Family& Friends

Reading- short comprehension passages, practice in skimming-scanning and predicting- Writing- completing sentences- — developing hints. Listening- short texts- short formal and informal conversations. Speaking- introducing oneself — exchanging personal information- Language development- Wh- Questions- asking and answering-yes or no questions- parts of speech. Vocabulary development– prefixes- suffixes- articles.- count/ uncount nouns.

UNIT II General Reading and Free Writing

Reading — comprehension-pre-reading-post reading- comprehension questions (multiple choice questions and /or short questions/ open-ended questions)-inductive reading- short narratives and descriptions from newspapers including dialogues and conversations (also used as short Listening texts)- register- Writing — paragraph writing- topic sentence- main ideas- free writing, short narrative descriptions using some suggested vocabulary and structures –Listening telephonic conversations. Speaking — sharing information of a personal kind?greeting — taking leave- Language development — prepositions, conjunctions Vocabulary development guessing meanings of words in context.

UNIT III Grammar and Language Development

Reading- short texts and longer passages (close reading) Writing- understanding text structure- use of reference words and discourse markers-coherence-jumbled sentences Listening — listening to longer texts and filling up the table- product description- narratives from different sources. Speaking- asking about routine actions and expressing opinions. Language development- degrees of comparison- pronouns- direct vs indirect questions- Vocabulary development — single word substitutes- adverbs.

UNIT IV Reading and Language Development

Reading- comprehension-reading longer texts- reading different types of texts- magazines Writing- letter writing, informal or personal letters-e-mails-conventions of personal email- Listening- listening to dialogues or conversations and completing exercises based on them. Speaking- speaking about oneself- speaking about one?s friend- Language development- Tenses- simple present-simple past- present continuous and past continuous- Vocabulary development- synonyms-antonyms- phrasal verbs

UNIT V Extended Writing

Reading- longer texts- close reading –Writing- brainstorming -writing short essays — developing an outline- identifying main and subordinate ideas- dialogue writing-Listening — listening to talks- conversations- Speaking — participating in conversations- short group conversations-Language development-modal verbs- present/ past perfect tense — Vocabulary development-collocations- fixed and semi-fixed expressions