AE8012 Wind Tunnel Techniques Syllabus:

AE8012 Wind Tunnel Techniques Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Low Speed Wind Tunnels

Classification –non-dimensional numbers-types of similarities – Layout of open circuit and closed circuit subsonic wind tunnels – design parameters-energy ratio – HP calculations – Calibration methods.

UNIT II High Speed Wind Tunnels

Blow down, in draft and induction tunnel layouts and their design features -Transonic, and supersonic tunnels- peculiar features of these tunnels and operational difficulties – sample design calculations and calibration methods.

UNIT III Special Wind Tunnel Techniques

Types of Special Wind Tunnels – Hypersonic, Gun and Shock Tunnels – Design features and calibration methods- Intake tests – store carriage and separation tests – wind tunnel model design for these tests

UNIT IV Wind Tunnel Instrumentation

Instrumentation and sensors required for both steady and unsteady measurements – Force measurements using three component and six component balances – calibration of measuring instruments – error estimation and uncertainty analysis.

UNIT V Flow Visualization And Non-Intrusive Flow Diagnostics

Smoke and Tuft grid techniques – Dye injection special techniques – Oil flow visualization and PSP techniques – Optical methods of flow visualization – PIV and Laser Doppler techniques – Image processing and data deduction