GE8152 Engineering Graphics Syllabus:

GE8152 Engineering Graphics Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Plane Curves and Freehand Sketching

Basic Geometrical constructions, Curves used in engineering practices: Conics. Construction of ellipse, parabola and hyperbola by eccentricity method — Construction of cycloid — construction of involutes of square and circle. Drawing of tangents and normal to the above curves. Visualization concepts and Free Hand sketching: Visualization principles –Representation of Three Dimensional objects — Layout of views- Freehand sketching of multiple views from pictorial views of objects.

UNIT II Projection of Points, Lines and Plane Surface

Orthographic projection- principles-Principal planes-First angle projection-projection of points. Projection of straight lines (only First angle projections) inclined to both the principal planes — Determination of true lengths and true inclinations by rotating line method and traces Projection of planes (polygonal and circular surfaces) inclined to both the principal planes by rotating object method.

UNIT III Projection of Solids

Projection of simple solids like prisms, pyramids, cylinder, cone and truncated solids when the axis is inclined to one of the principal planes by rotating object method.

UNIT IV Projection of Sectioned Solids and Development of Surfaces

Sectioning of above solids in simple vertical position when the cutting plane is inclined to the one of the principal planes and perpendicular to the other — obtaining true shape of section. Development of lateral surfaces of simple and sectioned solids — Prisms, pyramids cylinders and cones.

UNIT V Isometric and Perspective Projections

Principles of isometric projection — isometric scale –Isometric projections of simple solids and truncated solids — Prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones- combination of two solid objects in simple vertical positions — Perspective projection of simple solids-Prisms, pyramids and cylinders by visual ray method .