CE8394 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Syllabus:

CE8394 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Fluid Properties And Flow Characteristics

Units and dimensions- Properties of fluids- mass density, specific weight, specific volume, specific gravity, viscosity, compressibility, vapor pressure, surface tension and capillarity. Flow characteristics — concept of control volume — application of continuity equation, energy equation and momentum equation.

UNIT II Flow Through Circular Conduits

Hydraulic and energy gradient — Laminar flow through circular conduits and circular annuli-Boundary layer concepts — types of boundary layer thickness — Darcy Weisbach equation –friction factor- Moody diagram- commercial pipes- minor losses — Flow through pipes in series and parallel.

UNIT III Dimensional Analysis

Need for dimensional analysis — methods of dimensional analysis — Similitude –types of similitude — Dimensionless parameters- application of dimensionless parameters — Model analysis.


Impact of jets — Euler?s equation — Theory of roto-dynamic machines — various efficiencies– velocity components at entry and exit of the rotor- velocity triangles — Centrifugal pumps– working principle — work done by the impeller — performance curves — Reciprocating pump- working principle — Rotary pumps –classification.

UNIT V Turbines

Classification of turbines — heads and efficiencies — velocity triangles. Axial, radial and mixed flow turbines. Pelton wheel, Francis turbine and Kaplan turbines- working principles — work done by water on the runner — draft tube. Specific speed — unit quantities — performance curves for turbines — governing of turbines.