PR8451 Mechanics of Machines Syllabus:

PR8451 Mechanics of Machines Syllabus– Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Kinematics Of Machines

Mechanisms – Terminology and definitions – kinematics inversions of 4 bar and slide crank chain – kinematics analysis in simple mechanisms – velocity and acceleration polygons – Cam and followers – classifications – displacement diagrams – layout of plate cam profiles – derivatives of followers motion

UNIT II Gears And Gear Trains

Spur gear – law of toothed gearing – involute gearing – Interchangeable gears – Gear tooth action interference and undercutting – nonstandard teeth – gear trains – parallel axis gears trains – epicyclic gear trains.

UNIT III Friction

Types of friction – Friction Drives -friction in screw threads – bearings – Friction clutches – Belt drives

UNIT IV Balancing And Mechanism For Control

Static and Dynamic balancing – Balancing of revolving and reciprocating masses – Balancing machines -Balancing a single cylinder engine – Balancing of Multi-cylinder inline, V-engines – Partial balancing in engines- Governors and Gyroscopic effects..

UNIT V Vibration

Free, forced and damped vibrations of single degree of freedom systems – force transmitted to supports – vibration Isolation – vibration absorption – torsional vibration of shafts – single and multirotor systems – geared shafts – critical speed of shafts.