OBT554 Principles of Food Preservation Syllabus:

OBT554 Principles of Food Preservation Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Food Preservation And Its Importance

Introduction to food preservation. Wastage of processed foods; Shelf life of food products; Types of food based on its perishability. Traditional methods of preservation

UNIT II Methods Of Food Handling And Storage

Nature of harvested crop, plant and animal; storage of raw materials and products using low temperature, refrigerated gas storage of foods, gas packed refrigerated foods, sub atmospheric storage, Gas atmospheric storage of meat, grains, seeds and flour, roots and tubers; freezing of raw and processed foods.retort pouch packing, Aseptic packaging.

UNIT III Thermal Methods

Newer methods of thermal processing; batch and continuous; In container sterilization-canning; application of infra-red microwaves; ohmic heating; control of water activity; preservation by concentration and dehydration; osmotic methods

UNIT IV Drying Process For Typical Foods

Rate of drying for food products; design parameters of different type of dryers; properties of air-water mixtures. Psychrometric chart, freezing and cold storage.freeze concentration, dehydro-freezing, freeze drying, IQF; calculation of refrigeration load, design of freezers and cold storages.

UNIT V Non-Thermal Methods

Super Critical Technology for Preservation – Chemical preservatives, preservation by ionizing radiations, ultrasonics, high pressure, fermentation, curing, pickling, smoking, membrane technology. Hurdle technology.