AE8505 Control Engineering Syllabus:

AE8505 Control Engineering Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Introduction

Historical review, Simple pneumatic, hydraulic and thermal systems, Series and parallel system, Analogies, mechanical and electrical components, Development of flight control systems.

UNIT II Open And Closed Loop Systems

Feedback control systems – Control system components – Block diagram representation of control systems, Reduction of block diagrams, Signal flow graphs, Output to input ratios.

UNIT III Characteristic Equation And Functions

Laplace transformation, Response of systems to different inputs viz., Step impulse, pulse, parabolic and sinusoidal inputs, Time response of first and second order systems, steady state errors and error constants of unity feedback circuit.

UNIT IV Concept Of Stability

Necessary and sufficient conditions, Routh-Hurwitz criteria of stability, Root locus and Bode techniques, Concept and construction, frequency response.

UNIT V Sampled Data Systems

Z-Transforms Introduction to digital control system, Digital Controllers and Digital PID controllers