ORO551 Renewable Energy Sources Syllabus:

ORO551 Renewable Energy Sources Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Principles Of Solar Radiation

Role and potential of new and renewable source, the solar energy option, Environmental impact of solar power, physics of the sun, the solar constant, extraterrestrial and terrestrial solar radiation, solar radiation on titled surface, instruments for measuring solar radiation and sun shine, solar radiation data.

UNIT II Solar Energy Collection

Flat plate and concentrating collectors, classification of concentrating collectors, orientation and thermal analysis, advanced collectors.

UNIT III Solar Energy Storage And Applications

Different methods, Sensible, latent heat and stratified storage, solar ponds. Solar Applications solar heating/cooling technique, solar distillation and drying, photovoltaic energy conversion.

UNIT IV Wind Energy

Sources and potentials, horizontal and vertical axis windmills, performance characteristics, Betz criteria BIO-MASS: Principles of Bio-Conversion, Anaerobic/aerobic digestion, types of Bio-gas digesters, gas yield, combustion characteristics of bio-gas, utilization for cooking, I.C. Engine operation and economic aspects.

UNIT V Geothermal Energy

Resources, types of wells, methods of harnessing the energy, potential in India. OCEAN ENERGY: OTEC, Principles utilization, setting of OTEC plants, thermodynamic cycles. Tidal and wave energy: Potential and conversion techniques, mini-hydel power plants, and their economics. DIRECT ENERGY CONVERSION: Need for DEC, Carnot cycle, limitations, principles of DEC.