ME3581 Metrology and Dynamics Laboratory Syllabus:

ME3581 Metrology and Dynamics Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2021


1 To study the different measurement equipment and use of this industry for quality inspection.
2 To supplements the principles learnt in dynamics of machinery.
3 To understand how certain measuring devices are used for dynamic testing.



1. Calibration and use of linear measuring instruments – Vernier caliper, micrometer, Vernier height gauge, depth micrometer, bore gauge, telescopic gauge, Comparators.
2. Measurement of angles using bevel protractor, sine bar, autocollimator, precision level.
3. Measurement of assembly and transmission elements – screw thread parameters – Screw thread Micrometers, Three wire method, Toolmaker’s microscope.
4. Measurement of gear parameters – Micrometers, Vernier caliper, Gear tester.
5. Measurement of features in a prismatic component using Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Programming of CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines for repeated measurements of identical components.
6. Non-contact (Optical) measurement using Measuring microscope / Profile projector and Video measurement system.
7. Surface metrology – Measurement of form parameters – Straightness, Flatness, Roundness, Cylindricity, Perpendicularity, Runout, Concentricity – in the given component using Roundness tester.
8. Measurement of Surface finish in components manufactured using various processes (turning, milling, grinding, etc.,) using stylus based instruments.



1. Study of gear parameters.
2. Epicycle gear Train.
3. Determination of moment of inertia of flywheel and axle system.
4. Determination of mass moment of inertia of a body about its axis of symmetry.
5. Undamped free vibrations of a single degree freedom spring-mass system.
6. Torsional Vibration (Undamped) of single rotor shaft system.
7. Dynamic analysis of cam mechanism.
8. Experiment on Watts Governor.
9. Experiment on Porter Governor.
10. Experiment on Proell Governor.
11. Experiment on motorized gyroscope.
12. Determination of critical speed of shafts.


At the end of the course the students would be able to
1. The students able to measure the gear tooth dimensions, angle using sine bar, straightness.
2. Determine mass moment of inertia of mechanical element, governor effort and range of sensitivity.
3. Determine the natural frequency and damping coefficient, critical speeds of shafts.