AT8003 Metrology and Measurements for Automobile Engineers Syllabus:

AT8003 Metrology and Measurements for Automobile Engineers Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Introduction To Measurements And Sensors

Sensors: Functions- Classifications- Main technical requirement and trends Units and standards- Calibration methods- Classification of errors- Error analysis- Limiting error Probable error- Propagation of error- Odds and uncertainty- principle of transduction Classification. Static characteristics- mathematical model of transducers- Zero, First and Second order transducers- Dynamic characteristics of first and second order transducers for
standard test inputs.

UNIT II Variable Resistance, Inductance And Capacitive Sensor

Principle of operation- Construction details- Characteristics and applications of resistive potentiometer- Strain gauges- Resistive thermometers- Thermistors- Piezoresistive sensors Inductive potentiometer- Variable reluctance transducers – EI pick up and LVDT

Special sensors

Variable air gap type, variable area type and variable permittivity type- capacitor microphone Piezoelectric, Magneto strictive, Hall Effect, semiconductor sensor- digital transducers Humidity Sensor. Rain sensor, climatic condition sensor, solar, light sensor, antiglare sensor.

UNIT III Automotive Pressure And Force/Torque Sensor

Pressure Sensor:

Typical automotive applications- Thick film pressure sensor- Semiconductor pressure sensor Integrated silicon intake-manifold pressure sensor-Integrated silicon combustion-pressure sensor- Piezo electric sensor-High pressure sensor with metal diaphragm.

Force/Torque Sensor:

Typical automotive applications- Magneto elastic bearing-pin sensor- Magneto elastic tension/compressive-force sensor – Basic principle of torque measurement – steering- Angle measuring torque sensor

UNIT IV Automotive Position And Rpm/Velocity Sensors

Position Sensors

Typical automotive applications- Wiper potentiometers- Short-circuiting ring sensor- Halfdifferential sensor- Eddy-current pedal-travel sensor- Integrated Hall IC’s – Hall acceleration sensor- Knock sensors-RPM and Velocity Sensors: – Inductive rotational speed sensor- Hall effect sensor

Temperature Sensors

Typical automotive applications -Sintered-Ceramic resistors -Thin film resistors-Thick film resistors- Monocrystalline silicon semiconductor resistor- Thermopile sensors Flow Sensors Ultrasonic flow sensors-Pitot tube air-flow sensor- Hot wire air-mass flow meter- Micro mechanical hot-film air-mass flow meter- Lambda sensor -Imaging Sensor-Rain Sensor Introduction to MEMs

UNIT V Metrology

Basic concept – scientific, industrial and legal metrology – linear and angular measuring instruments, measurement of screw thread – Two, three wire method, measurement with optical flats, laser inter ferometer, coordinate measuring machine.


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