PD4111 Cad Laboratory and Multibody Dynamics Laboratory Syllabus:

PD4111 Cad Laboratory and Multibody Dynamics Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University PG Syllabus Regulation 2021


 To impart knowledge on how to prepare drawings for various mechanical components using any commercially available 3D modelling software’s.
 To expose the students to understand the forces and torques that come into action in various kinds of mechanical systems.

1. CAD Introduction & Sketcher
2. Solid modeling–Extrude, Revolve, Sweep, etc and Variational sweep, Loft, etc
3. Surface modeling–Extrude, Sweep, Trim..etc and Mesh of curves, Free form etc
4. Feature manipulation – Copy, Edit, Pattern, Suppress, History operations etc.
5. Assembly-Constraints, Exploded Views, Interference check
6. Drafting – Layouts, Standard & Sectional Views, Detailing &Plotting.
7. CAD data Exchange formats-IGES,PDES, PARASOLID,DXF and STL.
8. Free fall of rigid body
9. Projectile motion
10. Simulation of simple & Compound Pendulum
11. Kinematic & Dynamic Analysis four bar and slider crack mechanism and its inversions
12. Design of cam Profile for various follower output motion
13. Kinematic & Dynamic Analysis of Gear Tracks
14. Vibration Analysis SDOF and MDOF
15. Project on virtual product design using ADAMS

 Exercises in Modeling and drafting of Mechanical Components – Assembly using Parametric and feature based Packages like PRO-E / SOLID WORKS /CATIA / NX etc.
 Exercises in kinematics and dynamics using equations of motion in package like ADAMS.


 With laboratory classes, it helps the students to get familiarized with the computer applications in design and preparing drawings for various mechanical components.
 The students get familiarized with modeling different systems and importing them into the multi body dynamic software.
 The students will be trained to obtain required dynamic properties by conducting multi body dynamic tests.
 The students will learn how to use this data in additional stress analysis software.