CM4211 Advanced Metrology Laboratory Syllabus:

CM4211 Advanced Metrology Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University PG Syllabus Regulation 2021


 To introduce the practical applications of various measurement concepts.
 To gain knowledge on the design perspective of advanced measuring machines.
 To make the students understand the fundamental principles of measuring techniques by practicing exercises on various measuring instruments.
 To perform metallographic study of the given samples and heat treatment study of steel.
 To familiarize the importance of measurement and inspection in manufacturing industries.


1. Calibration of comparators using slip gauges
2. Assessment of gauge surfaces using optical flats
3. Measurement of Surface roughness of specimens using contact method
4. Non-contact surface roughness measurement of specimens
5. Counting of fringes produced by Michelson’s interferometer
6. Measurement of dimensional features using machine vision system
7. Study exercises on clean room behaviour
8. Roundness and cylindricity measurement of components
9. Study on flatness measurement of surface using autocollimator
10. Measurement of dimensional features of a specimen – Contact type using CMM.


At the end of this course, the students shall be able to:
CO1: Demonstrate sophisticated measuring machines with ease.
CO2: Improve the confidence in developing of new concepts and new measuring machines.
CO3: Develop various technical terms and perform measurement tasks accurately.
CO4: Indentify the right instrument and method of measurement for a particular Application.
CO5: Apply the fundamental concepts of measurements, standards, calibrations, maintenance of laboratory facilities and handling of equipment’s.