PD4211 Advanced Analysis and Simulation Laboratory Syllabus:

PD4211 Advanced Analysis and Simulation Laboratory Syllabus – Anna University PG Syllabus Regulation 2021


1. To give exposure to software tools needed to analyze engineering problems.
2. To expose the students to different applications of simulation and analysis tools.


1. MATLAB basics, Dealing with matrices, Graphing-Functions of one variable and two variables
2. Use of MATLAB to solve simple problems in vibration
3. Mechanism Simulation using Multibody Dynamic software


1. Force and Stress analysis using link elements in Trusses, cables etc.
2. Stress and deflection analysis in beams with different support conditions.
3. Stress analysis of flat plates and simple shells.
4. Stress analysis of axi – symmetric components.
5. Thermal stress and heat transfer analysis of plates.
6. Thermal stress analysis of cylindrical shells
7. Vibration analysis of spring-mass systems.
8. Model analysis of Beams.
9. Harmonic, transient and spectrum analysis of simple systems.
10. Analysis of machine elements under dynamic loads
11. Analysis of non-linear systems

List of Equipment / Software:

Finite Element Analysis packages


Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:
1. Solve engineering problems numerically using Computer Aided Finite Element Analysis packages.