AT8603 Two and Three Wheelers Syllabus:

AT8603 Two and Three Wheelers Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017


• The aim of this course is to make the students to know and understand the constructional details operating characteristics and vehicle design aspects

Unit I The Power Unit

Two stroke and four stroke SI & CI engine Construction and Working, merits and demerits, Symmetrical and unsymmetrical valve & port timing diagrams. Scavenging process.

Unit II Fuel And Ignition Systems

Fuel system – Different circuits in two-wheeler fuel systems, fuel injection system. Lubrication system, Ignition systems – Magneto coil and battery coil spark ignition system, Electronic ignition System, Starting system – Kick starter system – Self-starter system. Recent technologies.

Unit III Chassis And Sub-Systems

Main frame for two and three wheelers, its types, Chassis and different drive systems for two wheelers, Single, multiple plates and centrifugal clutches, Gear box and its and various gear controls in two wheelers. Front and rear suspension systems. Shock absorbers. Panel meters and controls on handle bar, Freewheeling devices

Unit IV Brakes And Wheels

Drum brakes & Disc brakes Construction and Working and its Types, Front and Rear brake links layouts. Brake actuation mechanism. Spoked wheel, cast wheel, Disc wheel & its merits and demerits. Tyres and tubes Construction & its Types. Steering geometry.

Unit V Two & Three Wheelers – Case Study

Case study of Sports bike, Motor cycles, Scooters and Mopeds – Auto rickshaws, Pick up van, Delivery van and Trailer. Servicing and maintenance. Recent developments.


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