AE8503 Aerodynamics – II Syllabus:

AE8503 Aerodynamics – II Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I One Dimensional Compressible Flow

Energy, Momentum, continuity and state equations, velocity of sound, adiabatic steady state flowequations, Flow through convergent- divergent passage, Performance under various back pressures

UNIT II Normal And Oblique Shocks

Prandtl equation and Rankine – Hugonoit relation, Normal shock equations, Pitot static tube, corrections for subsonic and supersonic flows, Oblique shocks and corresponding equations, Hodograph and pressure turning angle, shock polar, flow past wedges and concave corners, strong, weak and detached shocks

UNIT III Expansion Waves And Method Of Characteristics

Flow past convex corners, Expansion hodograph, Reflection and interaction of shocks and expansion, waves. Method of Characteristics Two dimensional supersonic nozzle contours. Rayleigh and Fanno Flows.

UNIT IV Differential Equations Of Motion For Steady Compressible Flows

Small perturbation potential theory, solutions for supersonic flows, Mach waves and Mach angles, Prandtl-Glauert rule – affine transformation relations for subsonic flows, Linearized two dimensional supersonic flow theory – Lift, drag, pitching moment and center of pressure of supersonic profiles

UNIT V Transonic Flow Over Wing

Lower and upper critical Mach numbers, Lift and drag, divergence, shock induced separation, Characteristics of swept wings, Effects of thickness, camber and aspect ratio of wings, Transonic area rule. Introduction to Hypersonic Aerodynamics.