AE8504 Propulsion – II Syllabus:

AE8504 Propulsion – II Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Ramjet And Scramjet Propulsion

Operating principle of Ramjet engine – combustion in Ramjet engine- ramjet performance and sample ramjet design calculations – Introduction to hypersonic air breathing propulsion, hypersonic vehicles and supersonic combustion- need for supersonic combustion for hypersonic propulsion – salient features of scramjet engine and its applications for hypersonic vehicles – problems associated with supersonic combustion – engine/airframe integration aspects of hypersonic vehicles – various types scramjet combustors – fuel injection schemes in scramjet combustors.

UNIT II Chemical Rocket Propulsion

Operating principle – specific impulse of a rocket – internal ballistics – performance characteristics of rockets – simple rocket design problems – types of igniters- Rocket nozzle classification – preliminary concepts in nozzle-less propulsion – air augmented rockets – pulse rocket motors – static testing of rockets & instrumentation –safety considerations

UNIT III Solid Rocket Propulsion

Salient features of solid propellant rockets – selection criteria of solid propellants – estimation of solid propellant adiabatic flame temperature – propellant grain design considerations – erosive burning in solid propellant rockets – combustion instability – strand burner and T-burner – applications and advantages of solid propellant rockets.

UNIT IV Liquid And Hybrid Rocket Propulsion

Salient features of liquid propellant rockets – selection of liquid propellants – various feed systems and injectors for liquid propellant rockets -thrust control and cooling in liquid propellant rockets and the associated heat transfer problems – combustion instability in liquid propellant rockets – peculiar problems associated with operation of cryogenic engines – Introduction to hybrid rocket propulsion – standard and reverse hybrid systems- combustion mechanism in hybrid propellant rockets – applications and limitations

UNIT V Advanced Propulsion Systems

Electric rocket propulsion– types of electric propulsion techniques – Ion propulsion – Nuclear rocket – comparison of performance of these propulsion systems with chemical rocket propulsion systems – future applications of electric propulsion systems – Solar sail – current scenario of advanced propulsion projects worldwide.