AE8605 Experimental Stress Analysis Syllabus:

AE8605 Experimental Stress Analysis Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Extensometers And Displacement Sensors

Principles of measurements, Accuracy, Sensitivity and range of measurements, Mechanical, Optical, Acoustical and Electrical extensometers and their uses, Advantages and disadvantages, Capacitance gauges, Laser displacement sensors.

UNIT II Electrical Resistance Strain Gauges

Principle of operation and requirements, Types and their uses, Materials for strain gauges, Calibration and temperature compensation, cross sensitivity, Wheatstone bridge and potentiometer circuits for static and dynamic strain measurements, strain indicators, Rosette analysis, stress gauges, load cells, Data acquisition, six component balance.

UNIT III Photoelasticity

Two dimensional photo elasticity, Photo elastic materials, Concept of light – photoelastic effects, stress optic law, Transmission photoelasticity, Jones calculus, plane and circular polariscopes, Interpretation of fringe pattern, Calibration of photoelastic materials, Compensation and separation techniques, Introduction to three dimensional photo elasticity.

UNIT IV Brittle Coating And Moire Techniques

Relation between stresses in coating and specimen, use of failure theories in brittle coating, Moire method of strain analysis.

UNIT V Non – Destructive Testing

Fundamentals of NDT, Acoustic Emission Technique, Radiography, Thermography, Ultrasonics, Eddy Current testing, Fluorescent Penetrant Testing