AE8502 Aircraft Structures – II Syllabus:

AE8502 Aircraft Structures – II Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Unsymmetrical Bending

Bending of symmetric beams subject to skew loads – bending stresses in beams of unsymmetrical sections – generalized k-method, neutral axis method, principal axis method, Advantages and Disadvantages of three methods.

UNIT II Shear Flow In Open Sections

Thin walled beams – concept of shear flow – the shear centre and its determination – shear flow distribution in symmetrical and unsymmetrical thin-walled sections – structural idealization – shear flow variation in idealized sections-Applications of shear flow calculations.

UNIT III Shear Flow In Closed Sections

Bredt – Batho theory – single-cell and multi-cell tubes subject to torsion – shear flow distribution in thin-walled single & multi-cell structures subject to combined bending and torsion – with walls effective and ineffective in bending-Importance of shear flow & shear center determination.

UNIT IV Buckling Of Plates

Bending of thin plates – local buckling stress of thin walled sections – crippling strength estimation thin skin stringer panel-effective skin width –inter rivet buckling-skin stringer panel-Integrally stiffened panels-cutouts- Lightly loaded beams.

UNIT V Stress Analysis Of Wing And Fuselage

Aircraft loads- classification – the V-n diagram – shear force and bending moment distribution over the aircraft wing and fuselage – shear flow in thin-webbed beams with parallel and nonparallel flanges – complete tension field beams – semi-tension field beam theory.