AE8010 Fatigue and Fracture Syllabus:

AE8010 Fatigue and Fracture Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Fatigue Of Structures

S.N. curves – Endurance limits – Effect of mean stress, Goodman, Gerber and Soderberg relations and diagrams – Notches and stress concentrations – Neuber’s stress concentration factors – Plastic stress concentration factors – Notched S.N. curves – Fatigue of composite materials.

UNIT II Statistical Aspects Of Fatigue Behavior

Low cycle and high cycle fatigue – Coffin – Manson’s relation – Transition life – cyclic strain hardening and softening – Analysis of load histories – Cycle counting techniques -Cumulative damage – Miner’s theory – Other theories.

UNIT III Physical Aspects Of Fatigue

Phase in fatigue life – Crack initiation – Crack growth – Final Fracture – Dislocations – fatigue fracture surfaces.

UNIT IV Fracture Mechanics

Strength of cracked bodies – Potential energy and surface energy – Griffith’s theory – Irwin – Orwin extension of Griffith’s theory to ductile materials – stress analysis of “cracked bodies – Effect of thickness on fracture toughness” – stress intensity factors for typical ‘geometries.

UNIT V Fatigue Design And Testing

Safe life and Fail-safe design philosophies – Importance of Fracture Mechanics in aerospace structures – Application to composite materials and structures.