ME8097 Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation Syllabus:

ME8097 Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Overview of NDT

NDT Versus Mechanical testing, Overview of the Non Destructive Testing Methods for the detection of manufacturing defects as well as material characterisation. Relative merits and limitations, Various physical characteristics of materials and their applications in NDT., Visual inspection – Unaided and aided.

UNIT II Surface NDE Methods

Liquid Penetrant Testing – Principles, types and properties of liquid penetrants, developers, advantages and limitations of various methods, Testing Procedure, Interpretation of results. Magnetic Particle Testing- Theory of magnetism, inspection materials Magnetisation methods, Interpretation and evaluation of test indications, Principles and methods of demagnetization, Residual magnetism.

UNIT III Thermography And Eddy Current Testing (ET)

Thermography- Principles, Contact and non contact inspection methods, Techniques for applying liquid crystals, Advantages and limitation – infrared radiation and infrared detectors, Instrumentations and methods, applications. Eddy Current Testing-Generation of eddy currents, Properties of eddy currents, Eddy current sensing elements, Probes, Instrumentation, Types of arrangement, Applications, advantages, Limitations, Interpretation/Evaluation.

UNIT IV Ultrasonic Testing (UT) And Acoustic Emission (AE)

Ultrasonic Testing-Principle, Transducers, transmission and pulse-echo method, straight beam and angle beam, instrumentation, data representation, A/Scan, B-scan, C-scan. Phased Array Ultrasound, Time of Flight Diffraction. Acoustic Emission Technique –Principle, AE parameters, Applications

UNIT V Radiography (RT)

Principle, interaction of X-Ray with matter, imaging, film and film less techniques, types and use of filters and screens, geometric factors, Inverse square, law, characteristics of films – graininess, density, speed, contrast, characteristic curves, Penetrameters, Exposure charts, Radiographic equivalence. Fluoroscopy- Xero-Radiography, Computed Radiography, Computed Tomography