AE8007 Aircraft Materials Syllabus:

AE8007 Aircraft Materials Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Elements Of Aerospace Materials

Structure of solid materials – Atomic structure of materials – crystal structure – miller indices – density – packing factor – space lattices – x-ray diffraction – imperfection in crystals – physical metallurgy – general requirements of materials for aerospace applications

UNIT II Mechanical Behavior Of Materials

Linear and non linear elastic properties – Yielding, strain hardening, fracture, Bauchinger’s effect – Notch effect testing and flaw detection of materials and components – creep and fatigue – comparative study of metals, ceramics plastics and composites.

UNIT III Corrosion & Heat Treatment Of Metals And Alloys

Types of corrosion – effect of corrosion on mechanical properties – stress corrosion cracking – corrosion resistance materials used for space vehicles heat treatment of carbon steels – aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys and titanium alloys – effect of alloying treatment, heat resistance alloys – tool and die steels, magnetic alloys.

UNIT IV Ceramics And Composites

Introduction – powder metallurgy – modern ceramic materials – cermets – cutting tools – glass ceramic –production of semi fabricated forms – plastics and rubber – carbon/carbon composites, fabrication processes involved in metal matrix composites – shape memory alloys – applications in aerospace vehicle design, open and close mould processes.

UNIT V High Temperature Materials Characterization

Classification, production and characteristics – methods and testing – determination of mechanical and thermal properties of materials at elevated temperatures – application of these materials in thermal protection systems of aerospace vehicles – super alloys – high temperature material characterization.