OPR752 Processing of Polymer and Composites Syllabus:

OPR752 Processing of Polymer and Composites Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Introduction

Classification of polymers – properties and applications of selective engineering polymers – fundamentals of composites – need for composites – enhancement of properties – classification of composites – matrix polymer matrix composites (PMC), metal matrix composites (MMC), Ceramic matrix composites (CMC) reinforcement – particle reinforced composites, fibre reinforced composites, applications of various types of composites.

UNIT II Polymer Matrix Composites

Polymer matrix resins – thermosetting resins, thermoplastic resins – reinforcement fibres – rovings – woven fabrics – non woven random mats – various types of fibres, PMC processes – hand layup processes – spray layup processes – compression moulding – reinforced reaction injection moulding – resin transfer moulding – poltrusion – filament winding – injection moulding fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) (Glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP).

UNIT III Metal Matrix Composites

Characteristics of MMC, various types of metal matrix composites alloy vs. MMC, advantages of MMC limitations of MMC – Metal matrix – reinforcements – particles – fibres. Effect of reinforcement – volume fraction – Rule of mixtures, processing of MMC – Powder metallurgy process diffusion bonding – stir casting squeeze casting.

UNIT IV Ceramics Matrix Composites

Engineering ceramic materials – properties – advantages – limitations – Monolithic ceramics – Need for CMC – Ceramic matrix – various types of ceramic matrix composites – oxide ceramics – non oxide ceramics – aluminium oxide – silicon nitride – reinforcements – particles – fibres – whiskers. Sintering- Hot pressing – Cold isostatic pressing (CIPing) – Hot isostatic pressing (HIPing).

UNIT V Advances In Polymers & Composites

Carbon/carbon composites – advantages of carbon matrix – limitations of carbon matrix carbon fibre – chemical vapour deposition of carbon-on-carbon fibre perform. Solgel technique. Composites for aerospace industrial applications.