OML753 Selection of Materials Syllabus:

OML753 Selection of Materials Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Engineering Materials

Introduction – classification of engineering materials – selection of materials for engineering purposes –selection of materials and shape –classification metal and alloys, polymers, ceramics and glasses, composites, natural materials,-non metallic materials- smart materials – physical, metrical properties of metals

UNIT II Material Properties

Mechanical properties – fatigue strength – fracture Toughness – Thermal Properties – Magnetic Properties – Fabrication Properties –electrical , optical properties – Environmental Properties, Corrosion properties –shape and size – Material Cost and Availability– failure analysis

UNIT III Manufacturing Processing And Economic Analysis

Interaction of Materials Selection, Design, and Manufacturing Processes – Production Processes and Equipment for Metals – Metal Forming, Shaping, and Casting – Plastic Parts Processing – Composites Fabrication Processes – Advanced Ceramics Processing – surface treatment – Resource -The Price and Availability of Materials

UNIT IV Materials Selection Charts And Testing

Ashby material selection charts-Testing of Metallic Materials – Plastics Testing – Characterization and Identification of Plastics – Professional and Testing Organizations – Ceramics Testing – Nondestructive Inspection.

UNIT V Applications And Uses

Selection of Materials for Biomedical Applications – Medical Products – Materials in Electronic Packaging – Advanced Materials in Sports Equipment – Materials Selection for Wear Resistance – Advanced Materials in Telecommunications – Using Composites – Manufacture and Assembly with Plastics, fiber and Diamond Films.