AE8002 Aircraft General Engineering and Maintenance Practices Syllabus:

AE8002 Aircraft General Engineering and Maintenance Practices Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Aircraft Ground Handling And Support Equipment

Mooring, jacking, leveling and towing operations – Preparation – Equipment – precautions – Engine starting procedures – Piston engine, turboprops and turbojets – Engine fire extinguishing – Ground power unit.

UNIT II Ground Servicing Of Various Sub Systems

Air conditioning and pressurization – Oxygen and oil systems – Ground units and their maintenance.

UNIT III Maintenance Of Safety And Aircraft System Processes

Shop safety – Environmental cleanliness – Precautions- Hand tools – Precision instruments – Special tools and equipments in an airplane maintenance shop – Identifiation terminology

UNIT IV Inspection

Process – Purpose – Types – Inspection intervals – Techniques – Checklist – Special inspection – Publications, bulletins, various manuals – FAR Air worthiness directives – Type certificate Data sheets – ATA Specifications

UNIT V Aircraft Hardware, Materials, System Processes

Specification and correct use of various aircraft hardware (i.e. nuts, bolts, rivets, screws) – American and British systems of specifications – Threads, gears, bearings, – Drills, tapes and reamers – Identification of all types of fluid line fittings. Materials, metallic and non-metallic Plumbing connectors – Cables – Swaging procedures, tests, Advantages of swaging over splicing