Void: A data type in C++. When used as a parameter in a function call, it indicates there is no return value. void+ indicates that…

Virtual Function

Virtual Function: A function qualified by the virtual keyword. When a virtual function is called via a pointer, the class of the object pointed to…

Virtual Base Class

Virtual Base Class: A base class that has been qualified as virtual in the inheritance definition. In multiple inheritance, a derived class can inherit the…

Variable Name

Variable Name: The symbolic name given to a section of memory used to store a variable.


Variable: A name that refers to a value. The data represented by the variable name can, at different times during the execution of a program,…


Union: A data type that allows different data types to be assigned to the same storage location.

Typedef Name

Typedef Name: A name given to a type via a type-name definition introduced by the key-word typedef.

Type Conversion

Type Conversion: A conversion of a value from one type to another.

Turbo C++

Turbo C++: A version of the C++ language for personal computers developed by Borland.


Truncation: An operation on a real number whereby any fractional part is discarded.


Translation: Creation of a new program in an alternate language logically equivalent to an existing program in a source language.


This: This is a pointer to the current object. It is passed implicitly to an overload operator function.

Temporary Variable

Temporary Variable: A variable whose storage is allocated from the stack. The variable is initialized each time the block in which it is defined is…

Syntax Error

Syntax Error: An error in the proper construction of a C++ expression.