AE8501 Flight Dynamics Syllabus:

AE8501 Flight Dynamics Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Cruising Flight Performance

Forces and moments acting on a flight vehicle – Equation of motion of a rigid flight vehicle – Different types of drag –estimation of parasite drag co-efficient by proper area method- Drag polar of vehicles from low speed to high  speeds – Variation of thrust, power with velocity and altitudes for air breathing engines . Performance of airplane in level flight – Power available and power required curves. Maximum speed in level flight – Conditions for minimum drag and power required

UNIT II Manoeuvering Flight Performance

Range and endurance – Climbing and gliding flight (Maximum rate of climb and steepest angle of climb, minimum rate of sink and shallowest angle of glide) – Takeoff and landing – Turning performance (Turning rate turn radius). Bank angle and load factor – limitations on turn – V-n diagram and load factor.

UNIT III Static Longitudinal Stability

Degree of freedom of rigid bodies in space – Static and dynamic stability – Purpose of controls in airplanes -Inherently stable and marginal stable airplanes – Static, Longitudinal stability – Stick fixed stability – Basic equilibrium equation – Stability criterion – Effects of fuselage and nacelle – Influence of CG location – Power effects – Stick fixed neutral point – Stick free stability-Hinge moment coefficient – Stick free neutral points-Symmetric maneuvers – Stick force gradients – Stick force per ‘g’ – Aerodynamic balancing.

UNIT IV Lateral And Directional Stability

Dihedral effect – Lateral control – Coupling between rolling and yawing moments – Adverse yaw effects – Aileron reversal – Static directional stability – Weather cocking effect – Rudder requirements – One engine inoperative condition – Rudder lock.

UNIT V Dynamic Stability

Introduction to dynamic longitudinal stability: – Modes of stability, effect of freeing the stick – Brief description of lateral and directional. dynamic stability – Spiral, divergence, Dutch roll, auto rotation and spin.