AE8016 Flight Instrumentation Syllabus:

AE8016 Flight Instrumentation Syllabus – Anna University Regulation 2017

UNIT I Measurement Science And Displays

Instrumentation brief review-Concept of measurement-Errors and error estimation- Functional elements of an instrument system –Transducers – classification – Static and dynamic characteristics- calibration – classification of aircraft instruments – Instrument displays panels and cockpit layout.

UNIT II Air Data Instruments And Synchro Transmission Systems

Air data instruments-airspeed, altitude, Vertical speed indicators. Static Air temperature, Angle of attack measurement, Synchronous data transmission system

UNIT III Gyroscopic Instruments

Gyroscope and its properties, gyro system, Gyro horizon, Direction gyro-direction indicator, Rate gyro-rate of turn and slip indicator, Turn coordinator, acceleration and turning errors.

UNIT IV Aircraft Compass Systems &Flight Management System

Direct reading compass, magnetic heading reference system-detector element, monitored gyroscope system, DGU, RMI, deviation compensator. FMS- Flight planning-flight path optimization-operational modes-4D flight management

UNIT V Power Plant Instruments

Pressure measurement, temperature measurement, fuel quantity measurement, engine power and control instruments-measurement of RPM, manifold pressure, torque, exhaust gas temperature, EPR, fuel flow, engine vibration, monitoring.